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The brain is said to be right and left. Photography is left and right combined.

Our memories will always be left in our mind, right from the start.

Make those memories last a lifetime. Learn to use your camera and make those photos you want. 



  • If your camera is still a mystery to you, or you're not comfortable with switching your camera settings to manual and make the most of your DSLR

  • If your photos come out blurry in places you don't want it to be

  • If you would love to have that love lock all sharp on a blurry background, but you don't know how to get that right

  • If you feel more comfortable with your camera, but you want to have a more experienced eye and hand to assist you to unleash your creativity more?



  • Memories are forever. We keep photos to trigger our memory of those special events that make our lives what it is. My expat life made me realize how important those special moments are for usContact me if you want to document your special journey, I am specialised in natural light photography - so no studio lights, no big set ups, no forced poses. We'll get to know each other, you get comfortable and I capture you as you are. 

  • Order that special photo from my portfolio. On high quality paper, canvas or plexi glass. Framed or not.

Get in Touch, I'd love to hear from you

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us."

- Ralph Hattersley

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